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Who do Rockets fans want to see in the NBA Finals?

While the Houston Rockets 2009 season has unceremoniously concluded, there are still storylines for their fans to follow as the playoffs approach the NBA Finals.

For instance... the good guys lost to the Lakers, and there is a method of thinking that you always want the team that beat you to win the whole thing. I'm on board with this theory. Plus, Kobe is awesome.

Also, there's that Rafer guy playing for Orlando. I'm sure a number of Rockets fans are supporting him in his new role as the one player on the Magic roster that isn't any good at outside shooting. (What, you thought I was going to say something nice about Rafer?)

Of course, there's David Stern's dream matchup: LeBron and Kobe. And if you think LeBron is averaging 16+ FTs a game by accident... well... I'll just leave that alone. LeBron is damned goood, but he doesn't need the NBA's help! (Or does he?)

Then there is the forgotten team. The Thuggets Nuggets. Carmelo is a good player. JR Smith is the streakiest player alive. Kenyon Martin fought hard to come back from multiple knee/leg injuries. Chauncey Billups is way the hell overrated a respectable floor general. George Karl can be a funny guy, too. Then again, the only player I even moderately tolerate on this entire roster is Kleiza. Because he can score with the best of 'em, but he's not irritating like his teammates.

So I ask of you all... what matchup do you want to see in the NBA Finals?