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The most unprofessional, unresearched, biased, laziest, straight-from-the-gut Mock Draft ever 1.0

The title implies that this will be no different than any other mock draft out there.

1. L.A. Clippers: Blake Griffin

Even Donald Sterling won't screw this one up.  Griffin takes precedent over Chris Kaman or Zach Randolph.  Griffin is one of those "once in a lifetime, if, by a lifetime, you mean every June" kind of players.

2. Memphis Grizzlies: Ricky Rubio

Apparently, they like Thabeet.  He would be a great addition to their frontcourt, and the Grizzlies already have Mike Conley in development.  This, of course, means that Chris Wallace will take Rubio.

3. O.K.C. Thunder: Hasheem Thabeet

Thabeet gives them a 7'3 center, something the Thunder desperately need.

4. Sacramento Kings: Jordan Hill

Geoff Petrie is famous for being impossible to predict come draft time.  However, what we do know is that Petrie loves generic names.  Kevin Martin, Jason Thompson, and now Jordan Hill.

5. Washington Wizards: Tyreke Evans

Gilbert Arenas will go to shooting guard, since point guards are not allowed to score.

6. Minnesota Timberwolves: James Harden

This one is tough, because the Mike Miller era was just beginning.

7. Golden State Warriors: Brandon Jennings

His flat-top haircut brings the perfect dose of "swag" back to the Warriors.

8. New York Knicks: Stephen Curry

He's the next Steve Nash, but without the passing skills.  Get excited.

9. Toronto Raptors: Jrue Holiday

Great potential.  Has yet to amount to anything, but really, he's got potential.  Believe me.

10. Milwaukee Bucks: Jonny Flynn

After this, I'm not going to write any more sentences.  This is just too boring.

11. New Jersey Nets: DeJuan Blair (Hayes with offense)

12. Charlotte Bobcats: DeMar DeRozan (Gerald Wallace at best)

13. Indiana Pacers: Ty Lawson (Really fast)

14. Phoenix Suns: James Johnson (Alliteration in name)

15. Detroit Pistons: Austin Daye (The Other Prince)

16. Chicago Bulls: Gerald Henderson (The Next Michael Jordan After Ben Gordon Was The Next Michael Jordan)

17. Philadelphia 76ers: Eric Maynor (Beat Duke - he has my respect)

18. Minnesota Timberwolves: Earl Clark (Slips only because he underachieved)

19. Atlanta Hawks: Jeff Teague (Another point guard that isn't really a point guard)

20. Utah Jazz: Tyler Hansbrough (Haha!)

21. New Orleans Hornets: Terrence Williams (My favorite player in this draft)

22. Dallas Mavericks: Chase Budinger (Find him annoying, so he goes to Dallas)

23. Sacramento Kings: Darren Collison (They deserve it, Collison is a keeper)

24. Portland Trail Blazers: Nick Calathes (More point guards to hide away in the basement)

25. Oklahoma City Thunder: Gani Lawal (Thanks, Chad Ford)

26. Houston Rockets (bought from Chicago): Sam Young (Love his game)

27. Memphis Grizzlies: Patrick Mills (More Mike Conley insurance)

28. Minnesota Timberwolves: DaJuan Summers (Should have been a lottery pick)

29. Los Angeles Lakers: Marcus Thornton (Has valuable experience playing in yellow)

30. Cleveland Cavaliers: BJ Mullens (Adds to Cleveland's already stunningly attractive frontcourt)