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David Stern's dreams are crushed. No LeBron v. Kobe this year.

Rafer Alston, Rashard Lewis and the Orlando Magic have dispatched with the LeBrons in six games. 

Maybe this offseason LeBron will learn to stop shooting off-balance threes and bailing out the defense in crucial moments.  He's quickly becoming the most frustrating player for me to watch.  LeBron is the most physically gifted and skilled basketball player we have ever seen.  Yes, ever.  And yet he mentally disappears and stops putting pressure on the defense for inexplicable reasons.  LeBron should never shoot threes.  Ever.  He should also never be 30 feet away from the basket on offense (though this may be Mike Brown's fault.  The Coach of the Year really isn't that good of an actual coach.) 

Your NBA Finals will now feature Kobe versus the team Lee picked long ago to make the Finals.  For realz.

Dwight Howard is like really good.  He's not better than Yao, but he's damned good.  Too bad Cleveland never figured that out.

And holy hell, how am I going to deal with Rafer freakin' Alston being in the NBA Finals?!?!  As much as I like Rashard and Dwight Howard... I don't want Rafer getting a ring.  That would crush me.

And speaking of being crushed, Shaquille O'Neal must be pissed.  Everyone he's started a feud with is seemingly in this matchup.  Be it the Orlando Magic and their fans... Stan Van Gundy... Dwight Howard... or Kobe himself - no matter what, the outcome of the 2009 NBA Finals can't make the Fat Ass happy.  This makes me smile.  Why?  Cause F--k Shaq, that's why.