The Lakers are filthy, but not why we lost

The Rockets did not lose tonight because Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant turned into a carbon copy of the Utah Jazz except much, much worse.

The Rockets did not lose tonight because Joe Crawford is an imbecile.

The Rockets did not lose tonight because the Lakers played dirtier than the hog farm in Mexico where the Swine Flu originated.

The Rockets lost because they were sloppy on offense, couldn't stop Kobe Bryant, and because they completely lost their composure down the stretch. Ron Artest got himself thrown out of the game (Hey I think if I had to look at Kobe's smug face I would have punched him in the mouth.) Props to Ron. But still, not optimal.

I don't know what Von Wafer is doing but he needs to grow up, and quickly.


Hey guys, we all know how dirty the Lakers team is and the only reason their emotions are running that high is because they're wary of us. We're actually on their radar now. They know this series is for real and it will be an absolute slugfest, perhaps akin to two pitbulls slashing at each others throats while the blood spews. Oh, wait, that already happened didn't it?

Rockets in 6. I expect the Toyota Center to be full of rabid wolves foaming at the mouth seeking blood and guts and tendons and..yeah.

Go Rockets.

Oh and Stern, please suspend D.Fisher.

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