I really, REALLY miss the Portland Trailblazers

As I was driving back from Quizno's Subs this afternoon, as I beheld the majestic Houston skyline ahead of me, I suddenly realized how much I missed the Portland Trailblazers. It dawned on me that during the series with the Blazers there were no dirty plays, there were no serious incidents, and no ejections. (Chanting "Portland Sucks" was crossing the line and I did not chant it along with the fans while I attended Game 6) Overall the Houston vs. Portland series was the epitome of what a playoff series should be.

The Portland fans were super classy as well as their team, something that unfortunately I can't say about the Lakers and their fans. I will say that there are moronic trolls everywhere but there are seemingly many, many more who either follow the Lakers because they're simply jumping on the bandwagon or because their also big fans of botox injections, fake plastic personalities, and pervasive classlessness. That's what I see when I watch the Los Angeles Lakers play basketball. Sure they're talented, but when things don't go there way they whine, cry, and throw temper tantrums and elbows. When Kobe makes a shot, he incessantly screams in Battier's face and tells the world how much they need to get down on their knees and worship him. What's worse is that many Laker fans seem to applaud this type of behavior and condone it.

Houston fans, I know that come Friday the Toyota Center is going to be the last place in the universe that the L.A. Lakers want to be, and I hope that it becomes the most inhospitable environment imaginable for them. The fact that we have the Lakers this riled up and the series has only played two games tells me that L.A. is afraid. They're afraid that they'll go another year without a ring, and that they won't even get to the NBA Finals this time. Well, L.A. let me tell you this: We're certainly not going down without a fight, and as a matter of fact we intend to beat you.

Houston, Portland, and all of the other fanbases who love basketball and not botox, money, and plastic surgery, I applaud you. Stay classy guys.

L.A... Last night speaks for itself. Nothing else needs be said.

Go Rockets.

P.S. I liked Jack Nicholson until he, quote, "stood up from his seat and flashed an obscene gesture at the Houston bench" Now I think Nicholson is a complete tool and perhaps even more of a phony than most. You suck, Jack!

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