Some "Analysis" for game 3




(They do this over at SSandR.  Way better and more thorough(and more exact numbers) pace adjusted stat breakdown at that.)

Pace is at 91 possessions, probably inflated due to some of the late game fouling. Anyway, this was the kind of game the Rockets thrive in. For reference, our season average was 90 possessions while the Lakers average 94 possessions. (source)

Sadly, however, this wasn't the Rockets' game. If you saw this, you didn't need statistical analysis to tell you that our shooting was horrible, nearing Rafer Alston levels. The turnovers weren't helping either, as nearly 1/4th of the possessions ended up being coughed up and returned to the Lakers. In a game as slow as this, these possessions could mean being down 14 or being down 2 and having a chance to possibly take the game back.

But what could you really do when the opponent nails tough shots(and half of their threes)? It was the 2nd straight game where Kobe came out on fire, at the expense of setting up the triangle and getting it going. But it didn't matter if the triangle wasn't at its best, the Lakers ended up with efficiency that would lead the league if performed consistently. That hurt.

Bullet points:

  • Hot start on offense in the first was fool's gold
  • Turnovers hurt
  • Ron Artest's shooting hurt
  • Same with Von
  • What happened to Luis? 
  • Same with Aaron
  • Defend the 3 better
  • Defense on Kobe was still good

Useless coincidence of the night: The team that had their awful shooting starting point guard suspended won the night.





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