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The Dream Links - June 1st

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SB Nation added some new features for writers today, allowing lazy bloggers like us to make 'Daily Links' pages with much more ease.  Starting today, The Dream Shake will join the rest of the world in linking to stories concerning the Rockets as well as general NBA information.  We may not do it every day, but be satisfied that we are finally making an effort to do this.  Feel free to post any links in the comments section that we may have missed.

Ford: Which teams are willing to sell their picks? - ESPN
The Rockets are looking to buy.  Could Houston actually purchase top ten pick?

Blinebury: A Yao And LeBron Future?
With a Chinese company buying a stake in the Cleveland Cavaliers, there is already a buzz that a there might be a dream pairing of LeBron James and Yao Ming in the future.

SLAM ONLINE Meets Hakeem Olajuwon
The Dream sits down for an interview with Khalid Salaam.

Lewis: Rockets Go Way Beyond 'Moneyball' A's In Terms Of IP
Michael Lewis won't leave the Rockets or A's alone.

Rockets Team Report - Yahoo! Sports
"I hope I’ll be back," Wafer said. "I love Houston, I love this organization. They gave me a chance, so I’d love to be back."

To Be a Cavaliers Fan - TrueHoop By Henry Abbott
Cavs fans deal with their WCF loss.

Dan Wetzel on Derrick Rose - Yahoo! Sports
The Derrick Rose fiasco is an indictment of the NBA's age rule.

Tracy McGrady's Blog
McGrady posts his "summer update."

Scottie Reynolds works out for Rockets, contemplates decision
I would keep an eye on this, although I am not sure where Reynolds would fit into any of our plans.

Assistant coach Del Harris retiring from Bulls
The venerable coaching career of Del Harris will end shortly with the announcement of his retirement after 50 years, according to a league source.  Harris coached the Rockets to the 1981 NBA Championship game.