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Rockets Talk - So, what does everyone want to talk about?

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Seems like every time I get off my rear (or sit back on it) and go to typing, Tom has trumped me.  I guess that's what happens when you go pilfer a guy that was better than you in the first place at this stuff.  So, while I try and think of more to write about and then somehow find time to do so before Tom gets to it, what's on everyone's minds right now? 

I have two things I'm asking for:

1.  If you want to write something in depth and with purpose (I don't particularly care the topic as long as it is Rockets involved), just tell me when you put it in Fan Posts and we will put it on the front page.  I'd say 400 words at a minimum.  Also known as longer than anything Dave has ever written and more combined words than I have written in the last month!

2.  Is there anything you want us to write about?  Something we may not have hashed out yet? 

I can tell you this:  Once the Finals are over I'm going to do a "Statistically, what happened in the Rafer Alston trade." post.  And I called it Tom, DON'T STEAL MY IDEA AGAIN!!!