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The Dream Links - June 12th, 2009

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The Dream Links return after a brief absence.  Today's links encounter more nonsense from Rafer Alston about his playing time, a Joey Dorsey interview, and the 10 Best "Bad" Shot Shooters in the NBA.  Send any links you have to or to my Twitter.

NBA Finals

Magic's Alston unhappy with playing time - CBS News
Rafer whining again after Game 4 loss to Los Angeles.

Game 4 Recap: Lakers vs Magic - Silver Screen and Roll
SS&R's take on the Laker victory in Game 4

Two Possessions That Will Keep Magic Fans Awake - TrueHoop
Kevin Arnovitz breaks down the two crucial possessions that cost the Magic a win.

Worst of Game 4 - Basketbawful
"The Magicians bricked 15 free throws. Dwight Howard was responsible for eight of those misses (he was 6-for-14 on the night). Hedo Turkoglu -- a career 80 percent foul shooter -- bonked five (he went 8-for-13)."

Rockets Related

Joey Dorsey Working Hard To Make The Leap In Year Two -
Jason Friedman interviews Joey Dorsey.

The 10 Best "Bad" Shot Shooters in the NBA - Dime Magazine
"10. Tracy McGrady: Five years ago, T-Mac might have been No. 1 on this list. But now Ron Artest takes more bad shots than he does on the Rockets. At least when Tracy is in the game to take them, he still makes them."

ServiceMaster Clean Welcomes Basketball Star Shane Battier to Michigan's Lifelock 400 - MarketWatch
Found this to be...interesting?

Ron Artest Twitter Moment -
"DAM. I CANT WATCH. I WILL FINISH MY WHITE RUSSIAN."  -- One of the many reasons why we should re-sign the man.

2009 NBA Summer League Schedule - Ridiculous Upside
Never got to posting this for some reason, but here's the 2009 Summer League schedule, Rockets included.

A note on Houston native Rashard Lewis - Rockets Buzz
Sonic fans consider Rashard Lewis one of their own, but before spending 9 years in the Emerald City, Lewis belonged to Houston.

Around SBN

That Championship Feeling - Blazer's Edge
"It's something we discussed a few generations ago at Blazersedge but it's been quite a while. The issue is this: Is a championship the only meaningful goal of a professional sports team?"

Thankful For Tom Thibodeau - CelticsBlog
Jeff Clark is glad that Thibodeau won't be leaving Boston just yet.

Now What? - Sactown Royalty
Kings fans still have no clue as to whom Sacramento will choose with the #4 pick of this year's NBA draft.