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Draft Updates

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I went searching for anything Rockets related concerning the draft.  Didn't find much.  Some stories you may have already seen.  Post links to others in the comments section.

DraftExpress: Jonathan Givony
"Paul Harris may have helped himself the most I thought here. He plays so hard. He got in everyone’s face. No one wanted to go against him. On offense and defense. On top of that, his measurements were ridiculous. He came up a bit shorter than expected—only 6-3 in shoes, but his wingspan is outrageous—6-11 ½. He’s also absolutely jacked at 237 pounds, all 100% muscle. On top of that, he measured a no step vertical of 36 inches, which is off the charts. He’s like Ron Artest [interesting...].

"Chase Budinger was awful in my opinion. He just doesn’t play. All he wants to do is shoot jumpers. That’s not basketball. He didn’t want to be there. Didn’t want to compete. He couldn’t put it on the floor. You should have seen his face when he was switched onto Paul Harris. He definitely didn’t want anything to do with him."

Nick Calathes works out for Rockets --
"This week back-to-back-to-back-to-back NBA workouts await Nick Calathes, from Sacramento Kings to Houston Rockets to New Jersey Nets to Oklahoma City Thunder."  [No word on if Calathes attended the workout (story dated June 8th) or how it went.]

Mystery And Intrigue: How The Rockets Fit Into This Years Draft -
Another older story that I somehow never linked to.

Antonio Anderson works out for Rockets


And then just for fun...

Europe Rumors Came As Surprise To Artest - RealGM
"Ummm, I read that too somewhere," Artest said on KHTK in Sacramento. "I read that and they said 'Ron Artest is open to playing in Greece.' And I said, 'Oh, for real? Let me speak to them."