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The Dream Links - June 2nd, 2009

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Today's links address Derrick Rose, LeBron James, Brandon Jennings, Carlos Boozer, and some more fun from Ron-Ron's video blog.  Feel free to post any links that you find in the comments section.

2009-2010 Sixth Man of the Year? -- Rockets Buzz
Brody Rollins discusses the possibility of using Tracy McGrady as a sixth man.

Ford: Which teams are willing to sell their picks? - ESPN
Felt like adding this to today's batch as well.  So, again, could the Rockets purchase a top ten pick?

Ron Artest says Houston is "the team to beat" next season - YouTube
Ron gets at Charles Barkley, Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, discusses Kobe, and more on his video blog..

NBA Finals Preview: Orlando Magic vs. Los Angeles Lakers - Ball Don't Lie
NBA Finals Preview from our own SB Nation blogs Third Quarter Collapse and Silver Screen and Roll.

Memphis Tigers find no proof Derrick Rose cheated on SAT - ESPN
Your daily Derrick Rose update.

David Stern reaching out to LeBron James on media snub - ESPN
NBA Commissioner David Stern has reached out to LeBron James about his refusal to speak with the media after the Cavaliers were eliminated from the playoffs.

Boozer to the Nets?
Scroll down to June 1st on ESPN's Rumor Central.

DraftExpress: Jonathan Givony
"Enter the Oklahoma City Thunder. They are reportedly high on B.J. Mullens (as is Milwaukee), and likely would be able to nab him with the 15th pick. Considering how far under the cap they’ll be this summer, they would have no problem taking on Amir Johnson’s expiring 3.66 million dollar contract. They should be able to find a suitor for their late first round pick if they choose to do so, as teams like San Antonio, Houston, Toronto and Orlando are all in the market for a draft choice in that range."

Rufus on Fire Basketball Fiction Contest
Introducing the Rufus on Fire Basketball Fiction Contest. Write a piece of fiction involving basketball as a major plot element or thematic element, and you could win a prize.

Nelson eyes returing to Magic in order to play in Finals
"I’m a competitor," Nelson said. "No matter what the situation is, I always think I can go out there and get contact."

NBA: Superman, Magic in Finals. A good sign for the Rockets?
Missed this tidbit from Jonathan Feigen the other day. It's a good read.

I feel like such a failure -- Hardwood Paroxysm
The Corndogg's take on the upcoming Redick vs. Morrison matchup.

Brandon Jennings, Undrafted Players, and Europe - Ridiculous Upside

A discussion of how borderline NBA draftees view the D-League and whether Brandon Jennings made the right decision to play in Europe instead of the D-League.