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Source: Trade with Memphis involving McGrady, Brooks falls through

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An inside source with the Houston Rockets told me earlier today that a potential trade with the Memphis Grizzlies fell through.  The deal would have involved Houston sending Tracy McGrady and Aaron Brooks to Memphis for the Grizzlies' second overall pick in the 2009 draft and, possibly, an additional Grizzlies player or two.

No word on who made the offer, as well as who declined it.  All I was told is that the deal was on the table and it one of the parties rejected it.

All signs point to Memphis GM Chris Wallace proposing the deal Houston GM Daryl Morey.  Morey has stated that McGrady is not on the table, and while Houston may eventually try to move him, it won't be this week. 

The fact that Brooks' name was also mentioned makes this a no-brainer for Morey and certainly nullifies the use for this report. But I thought that I would let everyone know, as this is a reliable source (told me about the Nicolas Batum/Donte Greene deals in advance).  At least we know for sure that teams are interested McGrady.

And again, to keep everyone in the loop, as Morey said earlier, the most likely scenario is that we don't acquire a pick.  If we do, it will be from the late first round to the mid second round.


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Brian Cook will be back in Houston next season.

Note: I will not be able to post live updates on Draft Night.  Lee or Dave will probably be on the ball.