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Foreign Rockets Fans: Where Are You?

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The Dream Shake is aware of the global infatuation with the NBA. But we're not quite sure where all of our readers are coming from. We'd like to know just how popular the Houston Rockets are around the globe. So, dear readers, help us out by telling us where you are.

We'd like to see as many countries represented as possible.  If you would like to step up to the stripe, e-mail me at with 1. Your first name and where you are from, 2. A brief (as short as you'd like) summary of the popularity of the Houston Rockets in your country as far as you know, and 3. A picture of you in your Rockets gear, or, if you prefer, anything Rockets-related that happens to be lying around where you live.

If you don't feel the need for blogger favoritism, then feel free to Tweet where you are from.  I might call you lazy if you take this route.

Once I've received every submission, I'll post them.  Maybe, just maybe, the most detailed or interesting or, ahem, best submission will receive a limited edition Dream Shake t-shirt.  That is, once we finally get around to designing them.