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Yao's foot still hurt? Noooooo!!

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Bad news on the Yao Ming foot injury front...

seems his foot still has not healed.  Nor is it responding to the treatment.  So much for only being out 8-12 weeks.  [insert sad face emoticon here.]

Then again, my optimistic take is that maybe this is just a big ploy to trick the Chinese government and allow Yao Ming to actually rest during the summer for once?  And I'm all for pulling a fast one on a government entity so long as it allows Yao to be healthy and kicking ass again in October.

Hey, I'm trying  to think positive here.  Otherwise this is just horrible news that might ruin my day.  Made even worse by the fact that Yao only gets to beat up on the Fat Ass twice a year now that LeBron got a new teammate yesterday.  Then again, Shaq will probably be stricken with "Yao-itis" on those two occasions.