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Could Ricky Rubio be traded to the Rockets??

I am wholly speculating here, but with the Minnesota Timberwolves trying to become the Detroit Lions of the NBA last night (three draft picks... three point guards), and with Ricky Rubio now claiming that he might stay in Spain for another 1-2 years and that he does not like cold weather...

...could this be the perfect opportunity for Daryl Morey to pounce?!?

I know there were early rumors that Morey tried to trade with Memphis to get the 2nd pick overall.  And the only logical reason would be so the Rockets could acquire the Spanish Chris Paul.  With Minnesota's GM proving to be Isiah Thomas-esque already... I could definitely see this conversation taking place:


[Daryl Morey places collect phone call to Minnesota... T-Wolves GM David Kahn accepts the charges.] 

Boy Genius Daryl Morey:  [trying hard to refrain from laughing]   Say... David... what's up?


Minnesota GM David Kahn:  [confused]  What?  Who is this?  Is this Mr. Rubio?

Morey:  [barely able to keep from laughing] No... no.  This is Daryl Morey.  I'm with the Houston Rockets.  I see you had quite the, uhh, interesting draft last night.  You certainly solved the hole you guys had at point guard last night.  I really loved the Jonny Flynn pick at #6.  That guy is a keeper. 

Kahn:  Well, my mom met Jonny and liked him.  My hands were tied after that.  He seems like a nice kid.

Morey:  I hear ya.  You just can't say no to mom.  So, uh, listen, I hear you might be having some problems with one of the other players you drafted.  Something about a threat to stay in Spain for another year or two?  I also heard he might not be fond of the weather up there in Minnesota?  That's a tough break, David.

Kahn:  Tell me about it... all this time I thought it was cold in Spain.  But now I have his dad saying threatening things to the guys at ESPN and making me look foolish!  It's not fair!

Morey:  What if I told you I might be able to help?

Kahn:  You can help me?  Aww, shucks, how nice of you!  Thanks!

Morey:  No problem.  No problem at all.  If you want, I can take that problem child Ricky Rubio off your hands.  You won't even have to buy-out his contract with the team in Spain.  We can do that for you.  And there's more.  I'll even give you a couple players from our team so that you can have something to show for it.  And I know your mom will just love Aaron Brooks... he dresses very nice.


Kahn:  Oh, I remember that outfit.  That's a sharp-looking suit there!  And the bow-tie was a nice touch.

Morey:  So, do we have a deal?

Kahn:  Hmmm, I'm not sure... I think I need to run this by the owner guy.  I also need to make sure Kevin Love is okay with it.  Last thing I need is for him to criticize me on Twitter again.

[Morey waves his hand over the speaker part of the phone]

MoreyThese are not the droids you are looking for.  Oh, uh, I mean... you don't have to run anything by them, do you?  You're the man in charge!  The main decision-maker!  I'm here to help... no need to make this complicated!  Let's just finish this trade.  You and me.

Kahn:  You know what -- you are right.  Mom always said I need to stand up for myself!  Here's my chance.  You have yourself a deal.  Now I can concentrate on getting Mr. Flynn to start spelling his first name properly.  Thank you, Daryl!

Morey:  Anytime, David.  Anytime.  You let me know if you ever have any problems controlling Al Jefferson, okay?  If he ever becomes a disruption, you can be sure we will take care of him here!