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Rockets Fans Around the Globe: Bahamas


Send in your submissions to be part of the global quest for Rockets fans. We'd like as many as possible in order to see where all of you guys are coming from. Send all submissions to or tweet them here.

Name: Buda (nickname)

Country: Bahamas


"I'm from Nassau, Bahamas. I became a Rockets fan years ago when my bro told me about a guy name Hakeem Olajuwon. He told me this guy was better than Jordan and around this time Jordan was the face of the NBA. Once I saw him play, he was truly a dream.

As far as Rockets fans over here, there probably aint much. None of my closest companions are fans of the Rockets so it's usually me defending them with no help at all (especially when the topic is Yao).

ROCKETS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!! GET RED OR GET SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



"I just took a pic of the jerseys that I own. Sad part is I don't have an Olajuwon jersey ***sighs*** but the pic shows the jersey of T-Mac, Yao (pajamas jersey....funny thing is back in the day I adored the jerseys lol) and Francis."



Let us know where you are!