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Here's hoping Yahoo is wrong about Yao Ming

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Mondays are bad enough...

Then I see this on Yahoo.  Apparently Tracy McGrady has a better chance of suiting up for the Rockets before Yao Ming ever does again.  To which I really have only one response.  And Ned Flanders will say it's the loudest profanity he's ever heard.


Ugh.  Why????  Why!??!?!?!

Is the doomsday rumor for real?  I have no idea.  But I can't say I'm optimistic about the chances of the report being wrong.  The whole smoke/fire aspect of this thing scares me.

UPDATE:  The Rockets have responded to the story.  And the bad news is they aren't exactly denying the substance of it.  Daryl Morey was right -- he sucks at spin control!