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On Yao's Injury: Don't Panic Just Yet

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We don't know a whole lot about Yao Ming's foot troubles.  All we've gotten are a slew of maybes.  Maybe Yao will be out for the season.  Maybe he will be done forever.

Maybe he will miss a few months and come back right on schedule.  We just don't know yet.

Don't expect any sudden moves from Daryl Morey.  It's too early.  The minute this thing blows up, he'll be on the ball.  But it hasn't yet.  As far as we know, Yao went to the doctor, and the doctor didn't see improvement.  The only question is: How much has Yao's foot failed to improve?  If it suddenly begins to heal, then we're all set.  If not, I quit.  Not sure exactly what it is that I will quit.  I won't quit anything specific.  All I know is, if Yao Ming is forced to retire, I quit.

Assuming Yao's foot doesn't begin to heal, where does this place us on the list of candidates to go nuts in the Summer of 2010?  Say we decide not to re-sign Yao, after doctors have stated that he can no longer play.  We'll have a giant wad of expiration cash lying under our noses, ready to be spent.  And if we decide not to wait that long, the Amar'e Stoudemire trade suddenly makes more sense.

But all of this is speculative.  We're going to have to wait longer.  Turn off the radio.  Don't read the "everybody panic!" articles.  Stop listening to everyone whose sole job description as of now is to make a big deal out of this thing.  The minute that a definitive diagnosis is announced, you can go crazy. 

However, for right now, just forget about it.  Fahgettaboutit.