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The Dream Links - June 4th, 2009

my giant
my giant

Today's Dream Links discuss Dwyane Wade and steroids, Dwight Howard vs. Dwight Howard, and the top five teams that the Rockets could trade with.  E-mail any links you find to

Rockets Related

Top 5 Teams For Rockets To Plunder in Trades - ClutchFans
Rockets well-positioned to make trades that could exploit teams in financial peril.

Yao Ming dubs in cartoon film
If this goes successfully, I'm expecting a "My Giant" sequel, only this time with Yao and Billy Crystal.

Q&A with Houston Rockets point guard Aaron Brooks - The Monitor
Sports: Q&A with Houston Rockets point guard Aaron Brooks.

General NBA

Dissecting the coaching pressers - Ball Don't Lie
Kelly Dwyer gives us a helping hand on how to interpret Phil or Stan on the mic.

Hey sports fans ... just how important are you, really? -
One of the few times you will see me link to Jerome Solomon. That's how slow a day it is.

Dwyane Wade Sues Accuser for $100 Mil -
It's TMZ, but I found this to be hilarious. Some guy claiming to be a German Baron told Erick Spoelstra that Wade had used cocaine and PED's.

Window Pain - CelticsBlog
Jeff Clark worries that there may not be much time. The Big 3 need

Dwight Howard Confronts Self in Latest Vitamin Water TV Spot - Third Quarter Collapse
Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, and his many comedic impressions, stars in the latest ad for Vitamin Water.

Was Austin Daye Dogging it at the Combine? - The Hoops Report
Thought to be a potential lottery pick, Austin Daye came away from the Draft Combine as the weakest, slowest, least athletic player in attendance.