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Mini-Dream Links June 6th, 2009

I'm out of town and busy, but here are two quick links that I found to be interesting.  The podcast is worth your time.

Draft Talk: Podcast with Rockets VP Sam Hinkie -
Very, very informative stuff from Jason Friedman. Hinkie notes that there is a "limit on the amount of money that you can put into a deal. When buying a first round pick, there is a 3 million dollar limit. Some years, it will buy you into the late first round. Lottery picks or picks near the lottery are much harder to come by, and money alone will not do it - you have to trade a player of value."

Despite poor economy, NBA will not eliminate luxury tax
Although several teams have taken a hit financially, NBA Commissioner David Stern said Thursday the league has no plans to eliminate the luxury tax until the economy recovers.