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T-Mac probably didn't think it all the way through (his new jersey number)

Ummm, hey, Tracy... I hear you decided to don a new uniform number.  Like Kobe or something.

So, now you are going to be #3?  Um, okay, whatever you want.

Just one problem.  What's the point of getting a new jersey number when you're probably never going to suit up for the Rockets ever again?  Or is "3" to signify the number of minutes Daryl Morey will allow you to play before he trades you in February?  Just wondering...

Or did you have your tailor put a "3" on the suits you will be wearing while watching from the bench?


(and yes, I know the number supposedly has to do with your work in Darfur - which I really do commend you on.  I just can't pass up this opportunity to poke a little fun at you.  It's the offseason... and I can only run the photo of you in the trainer's room reading Vogue so many times.)