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Daryl Morey talks to 1560AM The Game's John and Lance

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I was listening to the recap show this morning on the way to work and Daryl Morey had a segment with John and Lance of 1560AM The Game yesterday.  It was the most insightful, nugget filled radio show I've heard Morey give. 

I would highly suggest listening as here are a few of those nuggets:

Andersen is a real winner, winning 7 championships in his last 7 teams.  Scola was actually beaten by him a couple of times in those championships.

Andersen "Is not Dwight Howard" so he has some issues defensively (On a side note I love his dry humor)

Von is in the plans but only at the money they have allocated for him

One wing spot up for grabs with Von Wafer, Chase Budinger, Jermaine Taylor or James White all vying for that one spot.  (I'm not sure how this works out exactly, I would expect there to be at least 2)

Budinger has been all of the good and none of the bad they expected in Summer League.  He and Jermaine both need a lot of work defensively.  White is the superior defender by way behind on defense.

Dorsey "should have known that he would have injuries since the Rockets drafted him".  He needs to cut out the mental errors

Bigs rotation:  Chuck, Andersen, Scola and Landry.  Didn't mention Dorsey at all with playing time

Deke "got the cadaver tendon put in" and he won't be playing NBA ball again

No trades imminent but they are expecting they'll have to take back a guy they don't want in any trade they do. 

Will try to upgrade through trade, or with guys at the minimum.  He's trying to make the playoffs but you could tell he's not positive it will happen.  Or maybe I'm reading too much into it.  Though, it would seem obvious that he wouldn't be positive.

Good analysis (it is Morey after all) about Battier and Ariza playing the 2 and 3. 

Brooks could play some 2

The Rockets want to stay in the top 5 defensively and that seems to be their first goal.  He feels if they get to the 10-15 range of scoring that they will be good.

Most importantly Morey admitted to card counting Black Jack and when the deck "wasn't positive" he was able to split 4 aces and got black jack on all four.  Sadly due to the deck not being positive he only had 10 bucks on each split.

If you have any problems with the embed you can go here and listen to the MP3: