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Yao to undergo surgery next week

From the chronicle:

After several weeks spent considering his options, Yao chose a surgery that will include a bone graft and a realignment of the bones in his left foot to alleviate some of the stress in that area that could have led to the hairline fractures in the tarsal navicular bone the past two seasons.

Full story here

So, we knew this was coming, but it's no fun to actually see it in print.  Yao will be out for the entire year and I would even venture to guess, for safeties sake, some of the next.  Personally I'd like to see them just yank those bones out and put in some titanium or something equally or more awesome.  Make him like the terminator.  Who knows, maybe that is the plan and we won't know because they don't want the league to know.  Plus, you wouldn't want the machines to get the message just yet.

So, DreamShakers, are you happy with the choice made?  Did you want them to use the more expiremental surgery, or does this make sense to you?