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In the absence of Rockets-related news: Here's a poll!

Topics beaten to death on this here blog:

Yao Ming's feet
Tracy McGrady's knee/heart/tears/back/loyalty
Luis Scola's badassery
Joey Dorsey's Ruminations
Everyone being vertically challenged
Von Wafer's agent having no clue
The Econony and how it affects trades
Daryl Morey's genius (and how we trust it)
How much we hate Rafer Alston
Rick Adelman's narcolepsy
Why we think Trevor Ariza will be good/bad
Really stupid trade ideas
Really awesome trade ideas that will never happen
How much we will miss Crazy Pills (for better or worse)
How we wish that one day Chris Paul will suit up for us

With the lack of original - and more importantly - new topics of interest to discuss here in the post-Summer League world with still another two months before anyone reports to training camp...

Here's a poll. Enjoy.