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The Fat Ass is already corrupting LeBron. Not cool.

Hey, Fat Ass, umm, I mean, Shaquille...

as much as I am ambivalent about the Trevor Ariza deal and think we paid an average player way too much money, your attempt in trying to get him to change his mind and spurn the Rockets after giving Morey and Adelman his word - that's not cool.  This is almost as bad as a friend trying to break up another friend's relationship with his girl so that you can get with the girl.  None of this surprises me about you, Shaq, but it's still a violation of NBA bro code.

Even worse?  Now you are dragging LeBron James into this shady world of yours.

Not cool at all, Fat Ass.  Shouldn't you be spending your offseason time in the gym losing weight or practicing free throws?  Leave our players alone.  Otherwise, Yao might have to kick your ass with one healthy foot just to prove a point.

Trevor Ariza is a Rocket.  Learn to respect territory, Shaquille. 
And LeBron...?  Learn to stop listening to anything the Fat Ass says.