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Houston Rockets taking the control of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers seriously

Matt Moore is an old friend of this site, he's promoted us and helped us from the beginning.  Over at his everything basketball site Hardwood Paroxysm he discusses an interesting move by the Rockets to let go of a competent coach in Clay Moser.  Check out the article here

For the longest time, I questioned why the Rockets invested so much money in a team that’s about five hours away from ANYTHING RESEMBLING CIVILIZATION. Now it’s become clear to me. They’ve built their own basketball lab down there. Remember that the Rockets have had more players with D-League experience in the playoffs than anyone else. Aaron Brooks? Yeah, that guy that torched the Lakers spent time in RGV. Same with Chuck Hayes. And Rio Grande Valley is tucked away, so they can train and condition and work on the playbook without any exposure or risk of visiting team personnel. It’s like Morey’s personal Batcave, only with huevos rancheros.

It's a very interesting read and I agree wholeheartedly with what he says.  The Rockets are doing things the right way down in the Valley.  They are working hard to really develop the D-League and use it to every advantage they have.

What do you think?  Will having this affiliation and control over basketball operations help the Rockets in the future?  Is it a significant amount of help or just a little?