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Who would give Tracy McGrady $50 for an autograph?!?

Seems Tracy McGrady and I might actually have something in common after all...

he's a fan of lawsuits!!

Yes, according to (see, I'm worldly and educated - I read all the important websites for hard-hitting news), McGrady and a handful of other NBA stars players are suing Topps - yes, the baseball card company - for not paying them in full for autograph deals previously made.

At least now I know how he pays for all those copies of Vogue.

But seriously, T-Mac gets $50 per autograph, while Brandon Roy only gets $18 for his efforts?!?  That's messed up.  Brandon Roy needs a new agent!

If and when I hear updates on this story, I'll post 'em here.  My guess is that McGrady and the others will settle for a few thousand pieces of that old gum Topps used to put in all their baseball card packs.  I'm sure it's still good.