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Battle Red Blog and The Crawfish Boxes - I'm jealous

I was perusing a few Houston sites like I always do, especially on Mondays and was overcome with jealousy.  While I'm holding on to TMac (great, see what he has left, work a trade or decide he's back) and Yao (NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, sit out big man, get COMPLETELY healed) may/may not come back earlier than expected, they get opening of a season and September call ups. 

Just for a few tastes of our other Houston guys: 

Battle Red Blog -

Travis Johnson's waste of space is traded to the Chargers

Amobi Okoye - To love, not to love, is he too young to love, will he ever get love?

Who is going to make the roster?  Is anyone stepping up and taking a spot?

The Crawfish Boxes -

The MLB has real live actual games going on

Did Tejada tip pitches?  I for one say hell no

This is uncool Nolan.  I have two of my kids named after you (middle names) I NEED you to at least be somewhat associated with the Astros


And just for kicks, since I'm a University of Texas grad and freak of fandom for the Horns
The Depth Chart is awesome.  FIVE MORE DAYS!!