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Ariza on Houston: "I've never felt so comfortable in my life"

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Sam Alipour of is quickly becoming a Dream Shake regular, as he has yet again written something on the Houston Rockets. Small forward Trevor Ariza is is the subject of Alipour's latest piece, and while the majority of the Insider only article follows Ariza on his search for a Houston home, it was nice to see this paragraph on why the former Laker chose to sign with the Rockets:

He does say his decision to sign with the Rockets was partly hoops based. "This was the best opportunity to show my abilities and expand my game." In the end, though, the main reason Ariza is spending an August weekend house hunting in Texas can be explained by a simple human need. "My whole career, all I've wanted is to feel wanted, and I have that now," he says. "It sounds crazy, but the Rockets swept me off my feet. I'm telling you, I've never felt so comfortable in my life.

It remains to be seen how smoothly Ariza will adjust to the Rockets on the court. As for off the court, it looks like he is off to a good start.