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Could McGrady be back already? (Answer: Not quite)


Jonathan Feigen is beginning to talk as if Tracy McGrady's could be back for the start of the season.  This, while all of us were expecting mid-December as a possible return date.

From NBA, Feigen's blog for the Chronicle:

The Rockets will have to make their first coaching decision of the season on Monday. Daryl Morey and Rick Adelman will have to decide whether Tracy McGrady plays on Tuesday.

That might seem a pretty easy choice. If he is healthy, he practices; if not, he doesn't. But as always with McGrady, it's not that simple.

In a way maybe it should be that clear. Assuming McGrady is returning to Houston declaring himself ready to go - and all indications out of Chicago have been that he is determined to start on time - the decision then falls to Morey and Adelman.

It's an interesting point by Feigen.  Yeah, the rehab has gone far better than expected, but that was rehab.  This is actual mano-y-mano basketball, and while you'd love to see McGrady out there with his teammates, it might be a good idea to let McGrady work by his lonesome a bit more since none of this means much yet.  When actual games roll around, then it will be a more pressing decision.  It might be better to keep Tracy out of practice in order to ensure that he still has the option to play come regular season time.

Update! McGrady will NOT be cleared for training camp.  Story is here.