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Not too much longer to wait now

With college football season kicking off this week (go SMU!)... and with the NFL pros taking center stage next week (which means fantasy football season is finally here - Andre Johnson better not get injured)...

let us not forget what this really means:

The NBA season tips off in just under 2 months now!  Okay, so there won't be any Yao Ming highlights... nor any sightings of Tracy McGrady in 2009 (maybe by January/February?)... and we won't have any more Crazy Pills antics by the home team...

but the good guys still feature Luis Scola (who is going to have a 20/10 season), Shane Battier, Aaron Brooks, new kid Trevor Ariza -- and a bunch of other short guys that might run circles around the rest of the league by finally utilizing Coach Sleepy's offense.  Plus, with Joey Dorsey getting playing time (???), that will only give me more material to work with.  This I like.

Not much longer to wait now.