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Bucher: Scola is "most underrated power foward in the NBA"

It's about time someone else took notice.  Here's what else ESPN's Ric Bucher had to say on Luis Scola:

With Yao out, Artest gone and McGrady questionable, Scola inherits the role of best player left standing and there are some around the league who consider him capable of carrying that weight. Space to operate and second-chance points all become harder to find without the attention-drawing Yao on the floor, but Scola demonstrated last season that his footwork and underrated strength make him a tough cover on the block and he was frequently the go-to guy when the Rockets' fate hung in the balance.


Scola has established himself as arguably the most underrated power forward in the NBA -- despite a lack of hops or length -- by simply being persistent and consistent. Under the circumstances, Houston could do a lot worse. -Bucher

Good to hear.  You can find the remainder of the article here (insider only, my apologies).