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Big News: T-Mobile to Sponsor The Dream Shake for Remainder of 2009-2010 Season

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

I'm excited to announce that the good folks at T-Mobile have decided to sponsor The Dream Shake for the rest of the NBA season.  We are one of five SBN NBA blogs that T-Mobile chose to sponsor, and while it makes us writers feel pretty decent about ourselves, it is a testament to you guys (and gals) that T-Mobile chose this site over the many fine NBA blogs that the SBN network has to offer.  While the decision to choose us may or may not have had something to do with the fact that T-Mobile is already partnered with the Rockets (okay, so it probably did), we're happy.

Clearly, the success of this community indicate s that TDS is a top destination for Rockets fans, and we would like to thank all of you for your continued support of our incessant ramblings.  As Lee pointed out to me a while back, we have a loyal, dedicated readership, evidenced by the fact that our ticket deal with the Rockets yielded a whopping 47 tickets sold to a single game.  And if you like the discount tickets that we offer, you'll certainly love what our new deal with T-Mobile means for you.

Starting with next Monday's game, we will be giving out four free tickets courtesy of T-Mobile.  In all, we have been given 24 free tickets, and are allowed to give out four per game over a span of six games throughout the month of January.  The plan is to do a trivia contest seven days before each game (so, uh, Monday's game will be a sort of improv), and then announce the winner four days before the actual game.  Whoever wins can send me their e-mail address, and I will forward it to our ticket coordinator, who will hook you up from there.  See, it pays to put up with us.  Your three friends whom you take to the game will also like you more.  Or your mom or dad - it's up to you.

We will also be introducing a "T-Mobile Player of the Week" post to put up every Monday.  This will be my job - I promise that I will try to find someone else other than Carl Landry to honor every once in a while, but that may not be within my control.

In our other bit of big news, or perhaps just my big news, I'm going to be interning with the mothersite,, next semester until mid-May.  You may see my name pop up on the front page, or perhaps I'll be behind the scenes helping out Mike Prada, Andrew Sharp, and others for the duration of the internship.  Either way, I'm happy to have been given the opportunity.  This means that OAL and Xiane will be taking over the recaps from here on out.  I'll still be around writing a column every now and then, and will also be keeping up with the T-Mobile stuff as well.  Just wanted to let you know that you'll be seeing less of me, and more of them, which is probably a good thing.  

Thanks again for reading.  The first trivia question will be up later today.  Go Rockets!