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T-Mobile Trivia Challenge - Game 1: January 18th vs. Milwaukee Bucks

All right folks, in conjunction with my post this morning, we are going to be doing our trivia challenge for four free tickets to Monday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks.  I realize the Bucks just lost Michael Redd for the season, but I'm telling you, the chance to watch Brandon Jennings play in his new flat-top hairstyle is definitely worth a free ticket.

Thanks to a great idea from Seth of Posting and Toasting, it's going to be more of a prediction than a trivia question.  Basically, here's what is going to happen: 

1. I pose the question below concerning an upcoming game.  It could be something like "how many minutes will Brian Cook see tonight?"  Okay, that's a little cruel.

2. You make your best guess.  You will have until the game starts to guess the answer to the question.  Once the game starts, the comments section will be closed.

3. Ideally, we will have two winners.  If there is a five-way tie, then our ticket coordinator will use a random number generator to select two winners.

4. Each winner will receive two tickets.  We here at TDS encourage social interaction, and would like to avoid forcing you to go a game by yourself.

5. I'm going to announce the winner/winners as soon as I can once the game ends.  If it's obvious that you won, e-mail me (click on the mail icon next to my name at the bottom of the page), and I will send your e-mail address to our ticket coordinator - she will hook you up from there.

6. Any cheaters trying to send me an e-mail claiming they won will be caught.  I have more power than you realize.  Be scared, cheaters.

Clear enough?  Okay, let's play. 


This question applies to Friday's game against the Miami Heat.  Aaron Brooks scored a career-high 43 points last night against the Minnesota Timberwolves.  How many points will Brooks score against Dwyane Wade and the Heat?

Good luck!