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I couldn't agree more (SI midseason review of Rockets)

Grade:  A

  Houston Rockets
To be a Rockets fan is current bliss. No pressures or inflated expectations, no pecking-order adjustments for prima donnas; just hard-nosed, synergistic team play. Shane Battier is antithetical to the All-Star Game but an All-Star nonetheless. Fourth-quarter monster Carl Landry deposited three of his teeth in Dirk Nowitzki's arm and missed one game. Tracy McGrady was sent packing so Aaron Brooks and Trevor Ariza could continue their backcourt chemistry. Throw in 6-foot-6 center Chuck Hayes (a.k.a. the Chuck Wagon), Argentine banger Luis Scola at power forward and fire-hydrant guard Kyle Lowry joining Landry off the bench, and you've got a team that is five games over .500 despite losing its top three scorers from last season. That the Rockets have played a Western Conference-high 23 road games and a league-low 12 games against the weaker East makes their success all the more impressive.

I must say - I couldn't agree more.  The team has exceeded all level of expectations.  McGrady is gone (and he's not coming back).  There's no longer a Rafer for me to have to worry about every day.  I do miss Crazy Pills and Von, but.... the additions of Chase and Trevor and our Aussie friend aren't bad substitutes.
The only other team to get an "A" was the Memphis Grizzlies.  Oh, and the Durants got an A+.  It's fair.