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Where do the Rockets go from here?

The Rockets are 4-7 in January.

Even though they could easily be 0-11.

Everything that could go wrong seemingly has gone wrong.  And then some.

Carl Landry is no longer sneaking up on opponents.  Trevor Ariza keeps shooting when teams intentionally leave him open.  ABZ makes fancy layups, but still somehow finishes games going 6-20 from the fieldLuis Scola still refuses to demand the ball from teammates.  Shane Battier cannot find a burst of sudden athleticism.  No one is willing to box out for defensive rebounds.  Brian Cook continues to be worthless (and smiling about it all the same).

The starting lineup really only has 2 guys who can put the ball in the basket.  But the reserves are quickly becoming a defensive sieve.  What to do?  If you're Rick Adelman you go into hibernation, but what if you are trying to do something?  What would the options be?

Play Chase more?  (That seemed to take place last night... same results)
Play JT? 
Play Brian Cook?  (hahahaha, just kidding)
Start Carl Landry?
Give more playing time to David Andersen?
Bring back Tracy McGrady?
Trade for LeBron?  (I hear he has an expiring contract)
Sign Godzilla to a 10-day contract?  (He at least has the size to play center)
Bring back Robert Horry?
Practice free throw shooting and defensive positioning more?

Actually, the David Andersen thing is not such a bad idea.  He's a very good player, but he's not the type of player that is efficient or productive in short 5-minute bursts.  Luis Scola had a similar problem his rookie year.  Remember......... the day Scola was named the starting PF, that was the same day the Rockets began their 22 game winning streak.  Just sayin'.  Andersen could easily start at center for us - he would provide a decent offensive option for the first team.  And his defense isn't that much of a drop-off from the Chuckwagon's.  Plus, it may provide our Aussie friend a boost of confidence.  And even better - he might steal some shots away from Ariza.

Beyond that, I'm out of ideas.

All I know is that the Rockets looked awful the last two games.  Awful.

Then again, I hate to say I told you so, but welcome to the predicted January/February lull.