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T-Mobile Player of the Week: Kyle Lowry (w/ New Trivia)

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

Kyle Lowry just broke the rules.  He won the T-Mobile Player of the Week award with a single great performance.  23 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds, and 2 steals on 7-11 shooting, from a backup point guard in one of the toughest road venues in the league (San Antonio) – go on, try to argue against it.

By the way, you know that little three point shot that Lowry has been perfecting over the course of the season?  He's bumped it up to 35% for the month.  Once a bulldog, always a bulldog, but now Lowry is finding some extended range.  Be afraid, world.


On a separate note, it's time for more trivia.  These tickets will be given out for tomorrow's home game against the Denver Nuggets.  Once again, predictions aren't going to suffice, because we simply don't have time.  Sticking with Kyle Lowry, what was Lowry's career high in points for a single game when he played for Villanova?

You have until noon tomorrow to guess the correct answer.