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JR Smith - come to Houston, get served

According to Jim Rome, JR Smith will be served tonight in Houston. With legal papers.

According to his story, attorney Rusty Hardin (with an "i" and of Roger Clemens fame) defended JR in a case where he broke someone's jaw (allegedly) and (allegedly) JR stiffed HardIn out of money due for his services. At any rate, HardIn is evidently suing JR Smith. If you know much about lawyers, you know it is actually very, very rare that they sue their clients, so it makes me wonder about the backstory.

I hope JR's served as he's being introduced, personally.

We've heard all the rumors flying about a trade for JR, and possibly sending Battier over to get him. If you ask me, (and you didn't), trading for a guy who goes around (allegedly) breaking jaws and stiffing the professionals who do work for him for Battier, who might end up a senator or something seems misguided at best.

I'm not usually one to run up the "character" flag (I didn't with Artest) but this strikes me as a time when flying those colors makes sense.

JR Smith?  No, thanks.