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T-Mobile Trivia Challenge

As far as trivia is concerned, I can't wait until the Rockets take a little road trip. Actually, given the recent three-game home losing streak, it might not be a bad thing for the good guys to see a change of scenery. But, since the Rockets host Portland (without Brandon Roy) tomorrow night, it's time for more trivia shenanigans. From what I've been told, the seats are ridiculously good.

Here is the trivia question: Put these Rockets in order of their assist/turnover ratio (in other words, for every ___ assists, Hakeem turns the ball over ___ times) from highest to lowest: Aaron Brooks, Kyle Lowry, Chuck Hayes, and Shane Battier

You have until around 6 o'clock tonight to answer. Good luck!

UPDATE: For competition's sake, don't post any statistics.  Just the four names, or else you will be DQ'd.  Thanks.