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T-Mobile Trivia Challenge Winners + New Trivia

For everyone who posted the following answer to today's trivia question...

"Lowry, Battier, Brooks, Hayes"

... I'm sorry to inform you that you are wrong.  Stats don't lie.  Hayes has a higher ATR than Brooks does. Thus, today's winners are:

McRevolt and Ron E

Congratulations, folks.  Check your e-mail.


Now, because I'm doing the next trivia in this here post, we can go back to predictions.  Hooray for fairness!

Brandon Roy will not be playing for the Blazers tomorrow night. Will this allow Trevor Ariza to relax and find his stroke? Sounds like cheap reasoning, but you never know. Anyway, how many points will Ariza score against the Blazers.  ALSO, as a tie-breaker, include what his FG% will be as well.  Good luck!