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Congratulations, Utah: I found something I hate more than the Jazz

I've been minding my own business this week.  Trying not to think about how/why the Rockets all of a sudden find themselves in a 3-game tailspin (hint:  stop shooting contested 3s and make your FTs.  Oh, and give the ball to Luis Scola more.).  Then all of a sudden, I got some of the worst news I have had in ages...

What... the... hell?

I moved back to Houston so I never have to deal with this kind of weather.

Upwards of 41 hours where I have to survive sub-freezing temperatures.  And that's not even factoring the wind chill.  Nooooooo!!  I freakin' HATE cold weather.  In fact, to put this in perspective, I hate cold weather even more than I hate the Utah Jazz.  And I really, really hate the Utah Jazz.

So, yeah, I'm going into hibernation until this passes.  It's too freakin' cold outside.  I blame this on Trevor Ariza's free throw shooting.  Which may be the only thing colder than the temperature in Houston for the next few days.