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Rockets in China

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The Great Wall goes to The Original Famous Great Wall.  It's not Nixon in China, but it's cool that he's going to play in China for his NBA club.  

From the player tweets it looked like the Rockets were flying their charter (or a charter) all the way to China.  They stopped to refuel in Alaska sometime early this morning, following a Great Circle Route to Beijing.  


(Here's an, apparently real, picture of Yao via giant screen on the river in Shanghai.)

The problem with having sane, rational ownership, management, coaching, staff and players is the lack of drama.  Of course, the beauty of it is the same thing.  There's only so much pot stirring you can do if you're wondering if ED (Erick Dampier, of course) is the missing ingredient in your life.

[Note by Xiane, 10/11/10 3:53 PM CDT ] It is apparently DREAM WEEK at .There are tons of excellent reminisces, ruminations and recollections on the greatness of #34 and the 1994 Rockets.  This is being done, evidently, in advance of another great Free Darko book and thus DREAM WEEK is not, sadly, an annual event like shark week.  What you don't have the  the first Free Darko book?