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Get The Red Out - Episode #7: Diggin’ Down Deep

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For those of you up late, or maybe up early, the long awaited return of Get The Red Out has arrived. And this time I am joined by none other than The Dream Shakes own Lee Grammier (UofT Orange).

In this weeks episode, we discuss the Rockets ridiculous roster depth, predictions for the upcoming season and how Rick Adelman possibly pioneered flopping in the NBA. We also make sure to address your questions you sent to us last week. It all begins after the jump...


You can listen to the new episode by clicking here.

Just a warning, this is the longest show I've ever done. So be sure you have some time to listen to over an hour of Rockets talk. I'd like to personally thank Lee for being so gracious with his time and thoughts. And thank you guys for listening. Please hit us with further questions or criticism in the comments below.