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Two Years.

It's been two years since The Dream Shake joined SB Nation, which is, like, ten years in blogger terms.

In a month, it will be three years since the inception of this blog, created by two guys to whom I owe plenty: Lee Grammier and David Clark. As always, we're eternally grateful to The Dream. And, rather inexplicably, to Robert Horry. Whatever.

Thank you, to everyone who is reading this, for stopping by these parts, just once. More thanks to those who decided to return, again and again. It's tough writing for a nonexistent audience. I did it for months before joining TDS. You guys make everything that we're able to do possible. Though things may have changed around here since two years ago, I still find it to be a fun, opinionated atmosphere, and that's pretty awesome given how much "selling out" we've technically done, if you'd like to call it that. Content production got slightly more difficult once Rafer left, let me tell you.

I'm going to be around these parts far more frequently than last year, due to reasons that will be announced shortly. Expect more stuff from Christian (aka Xiane) as well. We're hoping that OAL keeps up his shenanigans, and if that doesn't happen, I'm sure Mike will be able to provide some nice content in his place. As always, cross your fingers that AK will be doing previews, rather than posts comparing the Rockets to the f---ing Dallas Cowboys.

As for Lee and Dave, I hope they find time to keep contributing. They're the originators, and they're the reason why any of this ever existed in the first place. And I hope everyone who sees this keeps reading. It can only get better from here.