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Rockets Will Exercise Options For Hill, Lee

As expected, the Houston Rockets will pick up the team options for youngsters Jordan Hill and Courtney Lee. We'll let FOX Houston's Mark Berman handle the numbers, because we're lazy:

Hill, who is making $2,669,520 this season, will earn $2,855,760 during the 2011-2012 season.

Lee, who is making $1,352,640 this season, will earn $2,225,093 next year.

No surprises with this one. Although Hill hasn't exactly wowed anyone over the offseason, there is still PLENTY of time for him to significantly improve upon his strengths and level out his weaknesses. Despite the premature urges we have to draw conclusions about Hill as a player, he has only played one year in the league. Give the man some added time, and perhaps he'll start to impress us.

As for Lee... well, yes, this is a no-brainer if there ever was one.