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The DreamCast: Episode 1

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Ladies and gentlemen, The DreamCast is here.

I've been wanting to do a TDS-produced podcast for a long time because I just love listening to the sound of my voice, and after recruiting Xiane (aka Christian Eddleman) to hop onboard the project, we've finally done it. Our first episode dives into the Rockets' first two losses, Jordan Hill's playing time (or lack thereof), Kyle Lowry, the Denver Nuggets, technical fouls and a general look around the NBA.

Have a listen. Share your thoughts: how can we get better? And - by all means - keep listening to "Get The Red Out," and please give it a listen if you haven't already. As stated in the podcast, we'll hopefully be running two pods for you per week. Nothing wrong with plenty of different viewpoints, eh?

DreamCast: Episode 1

Song Credits: "The City" - The Dismemberment Plan; "Heartbeats" - The Knife; "Unsatisfied" - The Replacements