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Erick Dampier to sign with Rockets?

Matt Moore of CBS Sports, citing a Hoopsworld item by Bill Ingram, reports that Erick Dampier will sign with the Rockets. Tom Martin, of DreamCast fame, is highly skeptical of Hoopsworld. I don't know that much about them. Adjust your salt intake accordingly.  

I think it makes sense, and it may well be that the Houston Rockets get ED after all. Despite the Hoopsworld provenance, I suspect this rumor will prove true, as Houston is probably the only team left that's interested after Dampier took his sweet time deciding were to sign. Recent events may have upped the price tag from the Rockets, as well.

If true, what does this mean - it means, first of all, that I have a sick child and am up in the middle of the night to report this stuff to you. Second it means we get another creaky center, but unlike Brad Miller, one who can really defend and rebound. 

If Dampier is coming aboard, and once he gets up to speed, the Yao-less nights will feature Chuck Hayes at PF, a spot where he's one of the absolute best defenders in the NBA, and a legit seven footer at center to provide defense. 

Should ED sign, does it mean something strange is going on with Jordan Hill?  I don't think so, I think it's just part of the ongoing arms race in the NBA. The Rockets can now match the Lakers, Celtics, etc with quantity of 7ft players if not quality.

Who goes to the Rio Grande Vipers? I think it'll be Jermaine Taylor, rather than Ishmael Smith (as cited in the stories referenced above), at least until the team is sure Lowry is fully-functional, and probably beyond. I think given what we've seen thus far we need a third PG more than a third SG. It's a tough break for whoever gets sent down, as they've all performed well enough to stay up with the team.

[Note by Xiane, 10/29/10 3:47 AM CDT] Sam Amick of Fanhouse has tweeted that Dampier is leaning towards the Rockets but nothing is done.  This sounds right to me, and Amick is well-regarded. Now, I hope, sleep.