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How Do You Use Technology With Basketball?

Note: This is a sponsored post, the first in a series that will hopefully conclude with me giving away free prizes.

So, there's a theme to this, our first Samsung-sponsored post. It's called "Enhance Your Experience," an attempt to promote discussion regarding products that we all use to, as stated, enhance our experiences when using technology. I think it's self-explanatory that we'll apply this discussion to basketball.

I'm a NBA League Pass guy. I'm not in Houston - there's no FSN Southwest for me anymore. So I use LP Broadband, and it's actually worked fairly well. That's how I enhance my experience in basketball. How about you?

Perhaps it's Twitter. Or blogs (maybe this one?!?!?!). Or podcasts. Or your fancy new phone that gives you access to the Internet while you're riding a bus to work (or driving to work, heaven forbid). How about it? What has technology done to enhance your basketball experience?