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Bosh For Scola? Surely, You Must Be Joking...

I came across a rather interesting article by Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports this morning. In it, he suggests what many others have already suggested. That Chris Bosh is not the big man that the other two-thirds of the idiot trio (LeBron James & Dwyane Wade ) need to win a championship. This isn't exactly breaking news. The guy just got abused again last night by Paul Millsap who dumped a career high 46 against the once desire of many Rockets fans.

But when the article got really interesting is when Whitlock suggested that a trade with Houston, who we all remember went after Bosh hard this past Summer, would be a great fit. The asking price? Something to the tune of Luis Scola and Jared Jeffries. Scola is having a monster start to the season and makes about half of what Bosh does. Jeffries, as we all know, has a large expiring contract. So the numbers would probably work out. It is a move that would in fact benefit both teams. Intriguing, to say the least.

But would Houston or Miami pull the trigger on such a deal?

It's possible.

Would I do it?


And I'll tell you why after the jump...

Sure, I was one of the many around this time last year who thought Chris Bosh lined up next to Yao Ming had some terrific possibilities. The thought of possibly trading for him or just going after him in free agency in 2010 sounded like a good idea. But when the time rolled around, I really lost interest in the idea of Bosh in Rockets red. And it was for many reasons.

Despite of a very admirable campaign by Dave Hardisty of Clutchfans fame (, I was never fully on board with Bosh being the answer here. I wouldn't have been upset to get him, but at max money (or close to it), absolutely not. I didn't want to give a max deal to a guy I didn't think could lead me to the NBA promised land. And simply put, I never believed that Bosh could be that guy. He was in the weaker conference and could never really get anywhere with Toronto. Many used his mediocre ensemble of talent as an excuse as to why, but I used the same logic for why his stats looked so good. He had the green light to jack up as many shots as he wanted. But we have all been over this. We know why most of us here didn't want Bosh in Houston.

Besides the money, another reason is because the guy just acted a fool during free agency. He couldn't have come off as more of a clown with the way he tweeted about stuff, posted videos of him and Dwyane Wade partying and just seeming like a lost puppy dog doing whatever Wade wanted. Also the whole earlier statement of wanting to be "the man" at his next NBA venue. All of this backfired when he decided to play third fiddle to LeBron & Wade in Miami.

I do think that it is a bit early to be talking about Miami moving Chris Bosh. It's only been eight games and it's quite a knee-jerk to be talking about moving him. But if they decided to go that route, would Houston really be one of the teams Pat Riley got on the horn? Daryl Morey was rumored to be offering Luis Scola and others in a possible sign & trade with Toronto for Bosh. Does Daryl feel like he dodged a bullet with Bosh like many Rockets fans do? Who knows...

What I do know is that if I was in control I wouldn't do this trade if it came to being proposed. I know that has some telling me I'm crazy and others agreeing. But I really am not a fan of giving up a guy like Luis Scola who is a relative bargain at his current production. On top of that, the guy gives it 100% every single moment he is on the floor. All he cares about is winning. Not hanging out at the beach with his homeboys. Sure, Scola has been lousy on defense (who on this team hasn't?), but has Bosh been that much better? Paul Millsap sure didn't think so. And no one ever listed defense as one of Scola's strengths like they constantly do about Bosh.

This is just one guy making a suggestion in an article and I doubt Pat Riley is ready to push the panic button just because the Heat are 5-3. A lot of teams blow 22 point leads at home when their Small Forward has a triple double and the two guard has 39 points, right? Everyone knew that team would be a work in progress and Riley certainly doesn't seem the type to be impatient. If anything, he is smiling at the fact that he may have a motive to "Stan Van Gundy" Erik Spoelstra and take back the whistle and clipboard once again.

What about you guys? Am I undervaluing Chris Bosh and overrating Luis Scola? The casual fan who doesn't see Luis play every game may be quick to do that deal. I'm just not one of them. What say you?