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Another Great Thing Washington has done for Us - Rockets lose 6 of 7

At this point I feel like making a "Generic Game Recap Form"

Tonight the Rockets battled the _______________ but fell in defeat.  The Rockets were in a position to win, but couldn't (hold a lead, survive a third quarter comeback, get defensive stops, make a clutch shot to win the game).  The Rockets (lost, and/or were without) ____________________________ tonight, and the absence was felt.  The team is still struggling to find (a lineup, a rotation, a plan) that works.  Once again (interior defense, rebounding, closing out on shooters) proved the Rockets downfall despite another solid contribution from Luis Scola and ______________.  After the high hopes of the off-season, this is yet another bitter loss in a game that was eminently winnable.

Unfortunately the generic recap seems all-too-familiar.  I can't offer you a genuine game recap, because I haven't seen the game.  I was out drinking wine, and talking about wine.  But I think there's another whine to found around here somewhere.  

Instead of watching the game I scanned the gamethread.  Based on that information, here's a recap -




  • Rockets defense remains more theoretical than real.  
  • John Wall is good at basketball.  
  • Yao got hurt. Again.  
  • Kevin Martin is streaky.  
  • Rockets are finding new ways to be unclutch.  
  • We now have 3.5 injured starters, as it appears Lowry's solution to feeling bad is jacking useless 3pt attempts.  
  • Washington's big men gave us trouble.  
  • Jordan Hill was briefly sighted, then he disappeared.
  • Ish Smith is pretty good for a starting undrafted rookie PG.
  • We're all pretty seriously worried and pissed off at this point.  The season may be young, but it's far from hopeful right now.
  • I'm not planning on watching the game right now.  Any reason, other than masochism, that I should?
  • Washington fans, sorry not to talk about your team, which obviously played well.  At this point pretty much every Rockets loss looks the same to us, it doesn't matter who's playing - Lakers, Wizards, Hornets - the generic recap covers it all.
Have I missed anything?  Let me know below.